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About Our Chiropractic Care

River Bridge Chiropractic Staff

What makes Dr. Corry’s office special in the Medical field…

For decades our health care providers have primarily relied upon medicine to cure all of our ailments. What makes Dr. Corry’s chiropractic healing special is that rather than simply prescribing a drug to remove discomfort, he actually touches the pain and determines the source of the neuromuscular issue. Dr. Corry has been treating spinal and musculoskeletal conditions for the past 35 years, and his ability to actively engage to find the root of his patients’ physical discomfort is what makes him unique over many primary physicians today.

When injury occurs to the muscles of the body, either by repeated physical stress or trauma, cellular tearing occurs. This creates fibrotic formations in the soft tissues causing interstitial fluid to accumulate over time and creating trigger point areas. These trigger areas appear as small lumps in the muscle tissue and are a very common cause of pain. Dr. Corry is an expert in removing these trigger areas and restoring spinal function through gentle chiropractic manipulation and trigger point massage. Please contact us today to begin the healing process for your body.

Our Staff:

Dr. Michael E. Corry, DC.
Dr. Michael E. Corry, DC.