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Modalities and Therapeutic Procedures

massage therapy modalitiesModalities in Chiropractic treatment refer to applying physical treatments to the body in order to produce therapeutic changes.  This can include heat or cold, ultrasound sound waves, or electrical stimulation, and these modalities are often used in conjunction and with other therapies.

Heat and cold:

Much like you may have put a heating pad on a sore muscle or ice on a sprain, heat or cold therapy can be of great aid in healing tense or damaged muscle tissue. Often alternating between heat and cold can provide instant relief to chronic pain conditions.  At River Bridge we provide informed, targeted heat and cold therapy to maximize relaxation and healing.

Ultrasound Therapy:

Ultrasound therapy uses very high-pitched (outside the range of human hearing) sound waves to stimulate cells in the muscles and joints.  These treatments can help reduce swelling and stiffness, to increase movement range and circulation, and help alleviate pain.  Ultrasound therapy is painless, and is even found to be relaxing by many patients.

Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation therapy involves a mild electric current directed through inflamed muscle tissues from electrodes placed on the skin.  The current is mild and non-painful, and can be extremely helpful for those suffering back pain, neck pain, or chronic headaches.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS)

is a common method of delivering electrical stimulation aimed at relieving pain. The unit transmits pulsing electrical currents to the painful area, with the goal of blocking or overruling pain signals being transmitted to the brain. It is most commonly recommended as an aid in alleviating back pain.

Other Therapies

Many other therapies may be used either alone or in conjunction with modalities and other chiropractic adjustments, such as:

  • Exercise: Exercise is crucial for a healthy body, and many times strengthening previously weak muscle groups can help heal, maintain adjustments, and prevent further injury.
  • Massage: Physically manipulating the muscle tissues can bring quick relief to painful areas, and can also improve circulation and help reduce long term swelling and inflammation.
  • Diet: We are what we eat, and in many cases removing inflammatory foods or adding those with special healing properties can dramatically improve the healing process.